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February 19, 2019

Does anybody actually know anything when it comes to Bryce Harper signing?

UPDATE [12:45 p.m.] — According to multiple reports, the Padres have signed Manny Machado to a record deal. Here's more on what Machado got, and what it means for the Phillies going forward. 

Furthermore, according to Andy Martino of, Bryce Harper isn't a big fan of Philly, and we talked about why that might be coming out now in the above mentioned Machado story.


The short answer is no. And it's become abundantly clear why this offseason has been a nightmare for players and fans alike. 

With the MLB offseason now well over 100 days old — and the two biggest free agents, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, still unsigned — we should be getting to the point where we feel like we actually know a little more about their final destinations than we did back when we sat down to eat our Thanksgiving turkeys. 

Only it feels like we don't. In some cases, it feels like we know even less. 

Several times this winter, there's been a huge swell of Harper-is-signing-soon reports. Everyone buckled down for the big news, and have been consistently let down at every turn, the most recent example of which happened just yesterday.

Over the weekend, several reports indicated that the Phillies and Harper were close to consummating a deal, with Twitter detectives even uncovering that the Phillies sales staff was called in on President's Day due to a pending major announcement, an announcement that never happened. 

And by they end of the day, fans were left with another report that looked like all the other ones they've been seeing for much of the offseason. 

After this winter and the job that super agent Scott Boras has done getting information out to the masses via the media, it's pretty clear to see why he gets paid the big bucks. 

So to answer that question posed in the headline, yes. There is one person who knows — beyond Bryce Harper, that is — and it's Boras.

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