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October 29, 2018

National Cat Day is here: Here's how to spoil and help your local felines

It's National Cat Day. Yes, your feline friends get a special day! They may not care or wonder why you don't do this every day, human, but who doesn't want to spoil their cat?

There's a number of ways to treat them and even more ways to celebrate all cats.


If you're looking to surround yourself with as many kitties as possible, you can go to Cats and Mats Yoga today (and every Monday) at 7 p.m and work on your cat/cow pose with adorable, adoptable cats. It's held at Le Cat Café at 2713 W. Girard Ave. 

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If you can't make it to yoga, you can always adopt another cat from a Philly non-profit shelter such as Le Cat Café, PSPCA, The Philly Kitty, Philly Paws, or ACCT Philly. You already have one, so why not another? You're not really a crazy cat lady till you have least 10 cats, right? 

OK, fine, maybe you can't get that second or 20th cat. (We're not judging you.) Donating or volunteering is always a nice alternative so these shelters can keep going and save more cats.

But if spoiling your cat(s) is more your thing, we hear you. Help your feline friend relax with a little cat music. It's music scientifically formulated for cats ears, aka 'cat-centric music.'  You can find a number of songs on YouTube, and even a sample of music used in a study here

You know what pairs well with soothing music? A glass of catnip wine. It comes in five flavors: "MosCATo," "Pinot Meow," "Catbernet," "White Kittendale Rose," and "Feline Pawrier Salmon Cat Champagne." Before you know it, your cat will be posting selfie and wine photos on Instagram with hashtags like "#blessed" and "#allthefeels."

You can also get them a new kitty bed and watch them use the cardboard box it came with instead. But man, look at how nice that new bed looks in your stylish living room, totally unused. (Tell your guests to ignore the giant box with the cat inside.) 


Whatever you do, just don't spoil your cat too much or they could end up like Doughnut, aka "Big D," the 28-pound cat from Jacksonville, Florida. (He found a home just in time for National Cat Day!)

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