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June 08, 2016

N.J. lawmakers act to end baby monitor hacking

Legislation would require monitors sold in the state to have certain security measures

New Jersey lawmakers are working to tighten security on some baby monitors that pose safety and security risks due to hacking potential.

According to Newsworks, legislation has been advanced by an Assembly committee that would require baby monitors sold in the state to have “security encryption to prevent unauthorized users” gaining access as well as a warning label informing consumers of cyber risks.

The legislation was written after a study found hackers can, and have, gained access to some baby monitors that send live audio and video feeds over the internet, meaning strangers can, in some cases, watch and talk into the devices that stream into the home, Newsworks reports.

The report adds that a hacked baby monitor can pose additional threats to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in a home.

Read the full report at Newsworks.