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Pregnant women may pass COVID-19 to their unborn babies, small study says

COVID-19 transmission pregnancy


Indego bike share delivering free pack 'n' play cribs during COVID-19 pandemic

Philadelphia pack and play program

Adult Health

Infants may hold the key to improving hepatitis C treatment

hepatitis C in infants

Women's Health

Born into a pandemic: Coronavirus complicates births for moms and babies

COVID-19 labor delivery

Children's Health

Infants may have higher risk of coronavirus complications than older children, studies show

Infants may have higher risk of COVID-19 complications than older children


To help infants avoid asthma, go easy on the cleaning – at least for a bit

Chemicals in cleaning products could trigger asthma

Children's Health

Another reason for pregnant women to get their vitamin D – it may lower the child's risk of developing ADHD

Vitamin D deficiency ADHD association


Here's how long your baby should be sleeping at night – and when to become alarmed

Baby sleep patterns normal


Hospital-based breastfeeding initiatives reduce early infant deaths

Baby-friendly hospital initiatives breastfeeding


Most young kids – including infants – are getting way too much screen time

Screen Time Babies

Children's Health

Babies' frequent hiccups may be tied to brain development, scientists say

Why do babies hiccup so much?

Children's Health

Three babies die from infections at Pennsylvania hospital

Geisinger Medical Center


Tips for helping your infant through the teething process

Baby chewing on teething ring stock photo

Children's Health

Many day care centers continue to use recalled infant sleeper products

Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play sleeper 04092019

Children's Health

Human breast milk may help babies tell time via circadian signals from mom

Breastfeeding Baby 08052019


Multiple cases of MRSA confirmed at University of Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital NICU

mrsa pittsburgh nicu


Sequencing the genome of newborns in the U.S.: Are we ready?

Newborn Baby 06282019

Children's Health

Delaware County infant battles extremely rare brain cancer

vincent nowroozi brain cancer


3D images show how much babies' heads get squished during birth

Baby Skulls

Children's Health

How much speech do unborn children hear? It varies

Pregnant Baby Speech Development


New moms need sleep, dads need exercise to thrive, Penn State study finds


Children's Health

Update: Fisher-Price recalls Rock 'n Play Sleeper after 32 reported deaths

Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play sleeper 04092019

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Penn Medicine shortens hospital stays for mothers and their newborn babies

Newborn Baby at Hospital

Children's Health

These are the pediatrician-backed tips for preventing food allergies in children

children food allergy prevention

Children's Health

Researchers project that climate change will increase infant congenital heart defects

infant baby pexels


South Jersey mom charged in death of infant son

Lumberton Police

Children's Health

First flu-related pediatric death of the season confirmed in New Jersey


Children's Health

Preventing infant deaths: The ABCs of safe baby sleep


Children's Health

CVS and Walmart among retailers affected by recall of infant ibuprofen

infant ibuprofen recall

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New study suggests parents who clean pacifiers in their mouths are boosting health of their babies


Children's Health

Infant walkers still landing babies in the hospital



Two Chester County men charged with killing their infants



Online petitions urge Amtrak stations to make sanitary breastfeeding facilities


Pennsylvania couple charged in alleged assault of infant



Starting on solids: Introducing my 4-month-old baby to food



New Jersey to become first state to send new parents home with baby boxes

Baby Box


Katie's gift guide: Essential picks for babies and parents


Katie's Baby

Four things I learned from breastfeeding my son


Women's Health

The joys of breastfeeding: How my son gave me one of the greatest gifts of motherhood

katie gagnon Breastfeeding

Women's Health

The waiting game: Frustration and anticipation when baby does not arrive on the due date

Women's Health

Last-minute decisions before the baby arrives: Cord blood banking, SIDS monitors and circumcision


Hillary and Donald are hot baby names right now

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