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Children's Health

Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 during pregnancy gives infants 6 months of protection, study shows

COVID-19 Vaccines Pregnancy


Congenital syphilis cases have spiked nationwide – and Philly is no exception

New born syphilis rates

Women's Health

Penn, CHOP to study how environmental factors affect pregnancy, children's health

Penn CHOP Pregnancy


Cozy images of plush toys and blankets undercut messaging on safe infant sleep

Babies Safe Sleep


RSV vaccine for babies, given to their mothers during pregnancy, receives FDA approval

Children's Health

Preventive RSV shot for infants and toddlers approved by FDA

Children's Health

A brain abnormality may help explain the cause of sudden infant death syndrome

SIDS Cause Risk Factors


Breastfeeding mothers need more spaces to feed their babies and pump milk, Philly councilmember says

Children's Health

Children who had RSV as infants are more likely to develop asthma, research shows

RSV asthma risk


How to soothe a colicky baby – and when to suspect an underlying health issue

Babies with colic

Women's Health

Temple Health's new campus seeks to combat city's high maternal death rate

Temple Women & Families Campus

Women's Health

To reduce infant deaths, Philly will give guaranteed incomes to 250 mothers

Infant mortality

Children's Health

As the FDA seeks to limit lead levels in baby food, here's what parents should know about toxic metals

Lead baby food

Health News

Fisher-Price baby sleeper, recalled in 2019, linked to 100 infant deaths

Fisher-Price recall infant sleeper

Children's Health

Babies are being born with syphilis in Pennsylvania at the highest rate in 32 years

Congenital Syphilis Pennsylvania


Hey, new parents – go ahead and 'spoil' that baby!

Soothe Crying Baby

Women's Health

More women are choosing to give birth at home, but to do so safely requires certain precautions

Home Births

Children's Health

Babies rarely die unexpectedly in the first week of life, but these deaths involve unique risk factors, study finds

Risk factors SUID

Children's Health

Tylenol use during pregnancy may contribute to sleep, memory problems in preschoolers


What's the best way to soothe a crying baby? Scientists may have found the answer

Crying Baby

Children's Health

Babies born just before full term have a higher risk of ADHD, Rutgers study finds

ADHD early term birth


Failed robbery attempt ends with man shot with baby and girlfriend in car near Penn's Landing

Police Lights


Mothers who breastfeed children after their 1st birthday should be supported, AAP says

Breastfeeding stigmas


New sleep guidelines for babies say bed-sharing, inclined sleepers are unsafe

Baby sleeping guidelines

Children's Health

For many low-income families, getting formula has always been a strain


Emergency baby formula shipment to arrive in Pennsylvania amid nationwide shortage

Children's Health

More children with hearing difficulties could benefit from cochlear implants, but they remain an 'overlooked' treatment

Cochlear implants

Health News

Baby formula supplies may improve in coming weeks, FDA indicates

infant formula shortage

Children's Health

New SIDS research offers intriguing finding, but it's not a breakthrough, scientists stress

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


To improve Philly's maternal and infant mortality rates, a collective approach is needed

Maternal Mortality Philadelphia


Infants need lots of active movement and play – and there are simple ways to help them get it

Baby Tummy Time


Why kids shouldn't eat added sugar before they turn 2, according to a nutritional epidemiologist

Babies Added Sugar

Children's Health

Kissing and food-sharing help babies identify close relationships, study shows

Baby Development Kissing

Children's Health

Babies born during COVID-19 may be developing slower than pre-pandemic infants, study finds

Babies COVID-19 Development


Here's why 'baby talk' is good for your baby

Baby Talk Mom

Women's Health

Racial disparities in preterm birth rates still wide in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Preterm birth Racial disparities

Healthy Eating

New U.S. dietary guidelines may alter a memorable first birthday tradition

Toddlers Cake Guidelines

Children's Health

Pregnant women may pass COVID-19 to their unborn babies, small study says

COVID-19 transmission pregnancy


Indego bike share delivering free pack 'n' play cribs during COVID-19 pandemic

Philadelphia pack and play program

Adult Health

Infants may hold the key to improving hepatitis C treatment

hepatitis C in infants

Women's Health

Born into a pandemic: Coronavirus complicates births for moms and babies

COVID-19 labor delivery

Children's Health

Infants may have higher risk of coronavirus complications than older children, studies show

Infants may have higher risk of COVID-19 complications than older children

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