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January 24, 2019

This brand condensed the world of men's health and wellness into one website

Get everything from prescriptions to vitamins and skincare via Hims subscription services

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hims vitamins Photo courtesy/Hims

Him's online subscriptions cover vitamins, sexual health, hair loss, and more.

If you listen to the podcast "Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard," then you’ve probably heard the humorous commercials for a sponsor – ”Hims” an online subscription service with products covering every nook and cranny, literally, of men’s wellness.

Hims claims to be a one-stop-shop for advice, consultation and FDA-approved products for everything from hair loss and erectile dysfunction to acne and many other manly issues. This online service looks to assist men, who are oftentimes “allergic” to doctors, by making minor medical and healthcare treatment available online — sans waiting rooms, appointments or awkward face-to-face conversations.

After a brief online consultation with a doctor — a millennial-friendly form of telemedicine — you can be prescribed what you need and it can be shipped out overnight. Hims offers cheaper pricing by prescribing generic drugs. For example, for hair loss there's finasteride — you might know as Propecia, the patent for which expired a few years ago, opening up the market. And then there's sildenafil — marketed as Viagra — for erectile dysfunction, GQ states. 

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Aside from sexual health, Hims offers remedies for hair loss, acne and oral health, including a cold sore kit, in addition to a section they call “Vitals,” or vitamins. Hims also offers easy-to-navigate treatment plans for specific health issues.

Obviously, Hims might be attractive for men to explore their “embarrassing” sexual health issues without actually having to talk to anyone. That said, “Hims hopes to, at the very least, destigmatize yet another conversation around men’s wellness,” according to Men’s Health.

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