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October 25, 2019

Orlando Scandrick rips Eagles, GM Howie Roseman on 'Undisputed'

The recently released CB also talked about Wentz's leadership and referred to Malcolm Jenkins as 'selfish.'

If you didn't know Orlando Scandrick was no longer with the Eagles, you're going to know after today.

The now-former Birds cornerback, who spent the first 10 years of his NFL career playing in Dallas, was released earlier this week following Philly's blowout loss to the Cowboys last Sunday. On Friday, he was a guest of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on the FOX Sports 1 show "Undisputed" and he went off on the Eagles, from top to bottom.

First, when asked about his recent release, Scandrick said the move "felt kind of scapegoat-ish" and added that "the problem in Philadelphia is much, much deeper than me."

"I think they're having a tough time dealing with success," Scandrick said. "Whenever you've gotta say, 'Oh, we're going to get it together. Oh, no one believes in us. Oh, it's about us.' You're already doomed."

Scandrick said that Howie Roseman explained his release as a move to allow their younger guys to get more reps. But Scandrick also said he doesn't believe him.

"I don't believe anything Howie [Roseman] says," he continued. "Howie's one of those people that if he told me it's raining outside, I'd probably grab some shorts just in case."

As for the issues in the Eagles locker room with anonymous sources: "Let's just say where there's smoke, there's fire."

And that was all in the first two minutes of the interview.

You can watch the full video here:

No one was safe, not even defensive captain and veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins.

"I think on defense, they've stuck together pretty good. But I think there are some selfish people on that defense," Scandrick said. "Rasul Douglas — he's a good friend of mine — I think he took some unwanted heat for some blown coverages on some other people's selfish play. We don't have to say names at all. They know who they are."

"Let's just say he's not a corner," Sharpe added.

Scandrick told Sharpe he was smart, and that led to Bayless directly saying Jenkins' name. And although Scandrick wouldn't confirm that with a yes, what he said next told you all you needed to know.

"I think that when you wear the 'C' on your jersey, it's your job to bring guys along," Scandrick continued. "It's your job to — sometimes you need take the hard down, you need to take the hard job, and you need to bring the thing together. And I don't know that that's the case.

"Just look at everything that's happened. You hold out for a contract. You come in, you're not really making any plays. And then you go down to Minnesota and you're somehow supposed to be on the half of the field and you're playing a crosser? That's not a rookie we're talking about here. This is a two-time Super Bowl champ."

UPDATE [12:59 p.m.] — Malcolm Jenkins did not hold back when asked about Scandrick and his comments.

Scandrick also talked a bit about Carson Wentz, and compared him to his other recent quarterback, Dak Prescott.

As some Eagles writers have pointed out, however, what Scandrick said on Friday was much different from what he said back when the Birds re-signed him (after releasing him during roster cutdowns). Take a look at what he said about Roseman then and compare it to what he told Skip and Shannon:

It's also worth noting that his characterization of the Eagles locker room was much different even just a few days ago immediately following the loss to Dallas.

Of course, maybe that's just what Scandrick was saying publicly. Privately, perhaps he was the anonymous source at the center of the Josina Anderson reports from last week. At least, that's what this tweet from Anderson herself seems to hint at...

Either way, you can add this to the distractions the Eagles will be facing leading up to Sunday, as they're sure to be asked all about this in the locker room on Friday.

"I think it can play a part when they are hearing about it every day and you guys are asking them every day," Pederson said Friday of the off-the-field distractions his team has been facing. "Yeah, it can definitely affect the mentality. Me standing up here every day — or not every day, every other day; you wish I would.

"That's the thing. That's our jobs. Listen, that comes with the territory. We're based on wins and losses in this league and sometimes it's unfortunate but that's how we're judged. We take the good with the bad, and we stand up here and we face the music and our players have to do the same thing and they have done a great job of that, and I think that's part of the resiliency of this football team."

The Eagles, in desperate need of a win at 3-4, will travel to face the 5-1 Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

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