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February 24, 2015

Philadelphia University student develops functional Batman suit

Jackson Gordon invites punches, kicks to be thrown at him

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Gordon Batsuit Armatus Design/Facebook

Philadelphia University student Jackson Gordon models the protective Batman suit he designed and made

Just call Jackson Gordon, Batman — because not only did the Philadelphia University student create a sharp-looking Batman suit, he ensured it could handle actual combat.

The industrial design student transferred to Philadelphia University from Delaware County Community College last semester and found he had a bit too much free time. So why not spend it creating a real-life Batsuit?

Jackson Gordon Batsuit

Gordon — who has a Kung Fu black belt — crafted another Batsuit in the past, but only for looks. His new suit is the result of a successful November Kickstarter campaign in which he raised $1,255.

Gordon finished and wore his suit to fan convention Katsucon,  where he asked folks to kick, punch or hit him while wearing the suit to demonstrate its functionality. He also can drop into the splits while wearing the suit and it can deflect a knife or machete. 

Check out more pictures and videos of Gordon in his suit here.

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