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September 26, 2018

Eagles' Jason Kelce reveals TMI on weird differences between Wentz, Foles' hands

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is pretty notorious for shamelessly saying whatever crosses his mind. It's one of the reasons we love him. 

Centers don't often get much attention from football fans. We don't think much about the technical aspects of playing the position. It only comes up if there's a bad shotgun snap. 

We definitely don't think much about how the quarterback has to place his hands on the center's flexed buttocks several dozen times per game. Only ESPN's Dan Patrick would have thought to bring this up with Kelce during a recent radio interview.

Surprisingly, Kelce offered a complete analysis of both Carson Wentz and Nick Foles' use of their hands on his bum.

"Foles has a very large hand and he applies a lot of pressure, so I feel that. It's very ... an intimidating feeling, a little bit" Kelce said. "Carson has much softer hands, but they're very affirmative, you know? I think he's a very A-type personality, controlling-type guy, which is an awesome attribute to have in a quarterback. His are almost back there where you can barely feel them but as soon as you snap the ball they're always in the right spot."

Kelce goes on to explain that Wentz has actually complained of his swampy tights, requesting he change them during training camp practices and at the start of second halves.

If Wentz starts fumbling snaps, we'll know exactly who to blame, Kelce. Or maybe Carson should apply more pressure?

The moral of the story: Never shake a quarterback's hand when he's in uniform.