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June 07, 2017

Philadelphia Int'l Airport, PHS host open call for landscape redesign

Have you ever found yourself wandering around Philadelphia International Airport, thinking, “I could have done this better”?

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, in conjunction with the Philadelphia airport, wants to eradicate that feeling and is looking to not only change how you view and experience the airport but to make it iconic around the world.

PHS and the airport are collaborating on a design competition to create an “Image Maker” landscape at the airport. What does this mean, exactly? An international call for bids is open now through July 21 for designers who can infuse Philadelphia's history and the city's role as America's Garden Capital to create a better, happier public space. After the initial July deadline, four final teams will be invited to a juried design competition.

“The Airport is a visitor’s first and last impression of the city,” the PHS website says. “It is a welcome-home and come-home-soon to the city’s residents… The experience of any city’s airport sets the tone for the traveler; the landscape around the airport plays a vital role in setting that tone. Is it friendly? Is it beautiful? How does it function in the world’s changing environment?”

Each finalist team will receive $20,000 to develop a concept and budget for the airport design.

The competition comes after news earlier this year of airport expansion and redevelopment as part of the Capacity Enhancement Program, which will extend the runway and redesign several terminals.