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May 06, 2017

Philadelphia University to take on Thomas Jefferson University's name after merger

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Philadelphia University Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University/Source

Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University officials announced on Thursday, Dec. 17, that the two colleges will merge.

Hold onto those Philadelphia University T-shirts and hoodies – they're about to be a part of history.

Philadelphia University will soon be renamed Thomas Jefferson University later this year, NBC10 first reported.

The two schools announced in December 2015 that they would merge together to create "a new university" that focused on health, science, architecture, design, fashion, business and engineering.

Thomas Jefferson is a private health sciences university found in Center City that has about 3,900 students while Philadelphia University's East Falls campus is home to about 3,750 students.

University officials confirmed the name announcement to NBC10 after Philadelphia University students received a campus-wide email from President Stephen Spinelli, Jr. that said the TJU brand showed "potential for building a stronger national and international reputation vs. a more regional reputation.”

Limited details were revealed during the school's merger announcements two years ago, though Philadelphia University said that a name would be chosen after a "thoughtful planning and branding process."

The new school will have a Philadelphia University Honors Institute and Philadelphia University Design Institute, the news station reported.

Students took to social media to comment on the change.

Philadelphia University was known as the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science until 1999.


This story has been corrected to note that Philadelphia University was formerly known as the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science.