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August 23, 2017

Higher fares rates for Philly cabs postponed until December

Change had been requested by taxi drivers to increase competitiveness with Uber and Lyft

Earlier this month the Philadelphia Parking Authority Board said it would raise the taxi cab meter rate from 23 to 25 cents starting Sept. 1 in an attempt to level the playing field for cab drivers snuffed of business in the era of Uber and Lyft.

Now the PPA says it will delay the fare increase – which affects the cost per 1/10 mile taxi passengers travel – in favor of moving forward with meterUp, a pay-by-mobile parking app, which had previously been suspended.

PlanPhilly reported PPA has rescheduled the fare increase to begin Dec. 1.

PlanPhilly said the PPA authorized the rate delay in response to medallion taxi drivers and owners who previously had been pushing for the launch of the increase. Though they still support the rate increase, they need more time before it launches.

Taxi Workers Alliance President Ronald Blount explained in a PPA Board meeting that the older meters require a person to manually change the price. Though there are negotiations with vendors to do that work, they are not finalized, and the process needs more time.

The vendor work won’t be necessary for cabs already using the updated meters, but for the substantial number of cabs with meters that have not been updated, the extra three months is necessary, Blount said.

Though the increased cab rate is only a two-cent difference, supporters are hopeful it will help cab drivers and owners stay competitive as more and more people gravitate to ride-sharing apps.

The PPA board estimates the increase will amount to about $5 to $7 a day for drivers’ revenue.