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May 05, 2017

Philly cop with apparent Nazi tattoo works Phillies game, Twitter reacts

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Ian_Hans_Lichterman_Philly_Police_09292016 Source/Evan Parish Matthews via Facebook

An Internal Affairs investigation found that Philadelphia police Officer Ian Lichterman did not violate department policy by having an apparent Nazi tattoo on his left arm.

When Steven (@The Grey King) tweeted at us from the Phillies game on Friday night, we weren't the only ones to notice.

"Guess who I just saw..." Steven posted, with photos of Philadelphia police Officer Ian Lichterman working the Phightins' game against the Washington Nationals.

Lichterman, you might remember, is the officer who was photographed during last summer's Democratic National Convention, his left arm decorated by an apparent Nazi tattoo. The photo caused an uproar – Mayor Jim Kenney called the tattoos "disturbing" and "incredibly offensive" – an Internal Affairs investigation and a new tattoo policy for the department. Lichterman was cleared in the investigation, basically because the department had no existing policy on tattoos.

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The tattoo was not on display at Citizens Bank Park, as Lichterman wore dark-blue long sleeves under his light-blue uniform.

Eagle-eyed Steven tweeted three photos of Lichterman on the field at PhillyVoice, including a screen capture of one of the stories PhillyVoice wrote about the officer.

Warning: Some of the embedded Tweets below contain adult language.

It didn't take long for the retweets and comments to follow: