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March 08, 2017

Philly woman throws boobs a goodbye bash before double mastectomy

Life's most painful experiences often can be endured only through powerful laughter, the kind that doubles and knocks you over in the most spirit-lifting way any of us will ever know.

Philadelphia resident Andy Sealy, a sales representative and part-time bartender, applied this coping strategy to the news that she had developed three tumors in her breasts. Two of them, both in her left breast, were malignant. Her doctors asked her how she wanted to proceed with her breast cancer treatment.

“I said, ‘Well you can have it,'" Sealy told People. "'And while you’re at it, take the other.’”

Sealy, 37, scheduled her double-mastectomy for March 8 and then immediately got to work with her friends on a farewell party for her — this is on the definitive BuzzFeed list — liberty bells.

On March 5, Sealy and 200 of her closest friends packed into South Philly's Bop for a night of celebration dubbed, "Ta-ta to Andy's Tatas."

"I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on 1/24/17," Sealy wrote on the event page. "I'm not sad so please don't say sorry. Remember ... IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!"

Guests were invited to wear beach attire because Sealy wanted to be able to enjoy her bust in a bikini one last time. The best part was the cake, whose icing read, "Thanks for the Mammaries."

In all seriousness, Sealy wants her experience to be a reminder to others. Since she discovered the lumps on her breasts during a self-exam, she hopes everyone will get into the habit of checking themselves regularly.

“Guys and girls, just feel your boobs!” Sealy said. ”Because you just don’t know. I just want people (men and women) to know how important it is. Maybe I’ll help to save a life.”

After a successful surgery on Wednesday, Sealy will pick an oncologist from her team of doctors at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Ultimately, she plans to get new breast implants and throw another party for them.

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