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March 09, 2015

Plenty of pope swag to show your papal pride

From T-shirts to shot glasses, plenty of economic opportunities in Pope Francis' Philadelphia visit

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A local couple created a line of Pope Francis-inspired T-shirts.

The symbol most associated with the pope might be the cross, but some entrepreneurs are seeing dollar signs in anticipation of Pope Francis’ September visit to Philadelphia.

From pope apparel to shot glasses, undergarments and bobblehead dolls emblazoned with the face of the leader of the Catholic Church, there are plenty of souvenirs already created to commemorate the historic event and show your papal pride.

Here are a few of the current offerings, some spiritual and others possibly sacrilegious:

Pope apparel with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Catholic charities.

This is one of the more appropriate items to purchase in celebration of Pope Francis' Philadelphia trip, which will also be his first visit to the country. 

A couple from Chadds Ford Township in Delaware County have created a line of T-shirts with an emphasis on the City of Brotherly Love, including one that uses the iconic Love Park design but swaps the letters LOVE with POPE. 

Pope Apparel

The clothing is available at the Pope Francis Philadelphia Apparel website, and a part of all sales will benefit local Catholic churches, the seminary, The Culture Project and the Catholic Charities Appeal.

• Pope Francis Bobblehead

For $20 you can purchase a heavyweight polyresin bobblehead made in the likeness of the Pontifex Maximus. This would be a great addition to display beside your Elvis and Obama head-shaking figurines. 

Pope Francis Bobbleghead

•Pope Francis Shot Glasses

If you're looking to cheer the pope's coming, this might just be the gift for you. 

•Pope Francis Undergarments

Some people wear a small metal cross on a chain underneath their T-shirt as an expression of faith, and others wear something a little farther from the heart...If you're in the latter camp, then here are some options to get you through to laundry day. 

•Pope Francis Comic Book

For a fun way to teach the little ones about the pope, an Italian publishing company has produced a comic book that also features stickers and word games.