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May 20, 2017

Report: LeGarrette Blount won't care when he fumbles in Philadelphia

When LeGarrette Blount fumbled while playing with the New England Patriots, he cared. He won't care when he fumbles while playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Gary Tanguay of CSN New England, who appeared on CSN's Philly Sports Talk this week.

In one of the smartest sports TV appearances that I've ever seen, Tanguay said definitively that Blount, who the Eagles signed this week, will be a disaster in Philadelphia.

"It’s not going to work out. LeGarrette is going to be a disaster in Philadelphia. There is one coach he’s been able to play for consistently, and that’s Bill Belichick. LeGarrette fumbled In the Super Bowl. When you fumble in the Super Bowl, that was it with Bill. Out the door."

Interesting. Go on please, Gary.

The one thing about these guys who have been malcontents in other places, like Randy Moss… when they come to New England and they look at Brady and you see what Brady does, he sets the bar, and everyone knows they have to live up to Brady. Martellus Bennett was the same thing.

Bennett averaged 4.8 receptions and 49.2 yards per game in his three seasons with Chicago before arriving in New England. He averaged 3.4 catches and 43.8 yards per game with the Pats. However, because Tom Brady touched the footballs that Bennett caught, it was more like catching 10 passes for 300 yards per game.

And finally, the most brilliant quote from the segment:

LeGarrette Blount felt so bad. You could see after they won the Super Bowl, he goes up to Brady, he was high-fiving him. LeGarrette Blount felt like he let Tom Brady down when he fumbled the football in the Super Bowl. He’s not going to feel that way in Philadelphia. I’m sorry, it’s just not going to work.
Here's Blount fumbling in New England:

And Blount fumbling in Philly:

That's bulletproof commentary, folks.

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