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April 12, 2016

Report: South Jersey hunter charged after bullet misses deer, strikes man

Charges have been filed against a South Jersey man who reportedly accidentally shot another hunter in Western Pennsylvania, according to an report.

On Dec. 1, 2015, Steven J. Stankiewicz Sr., of Cape May County, New Jersey, was hunting in Clarion County when he fired three shots at a group of deer from a distance of approximately 24 yards.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by, at least one of the shots missed and struck a man, who was hunting from a tree stand more than 275 yards away, in the leg.

After hearing the victim claiming he was shot, Stankiewicz immediately called 911 and cooperated with police, according to the complaint.

Stankiewicz was charged with shooting at or injury to human hunting. He faces a fine and loss of his hunting license for two years, according to

A preliminary arraignment is scheduled for April 21.