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July 11, 2016

The secrets to beautiful summer skin

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Getting the summertime glow without the damage is key to your skincare routine.

The quest for great skin is an endless journey with many twists and turns along the way. Climate change and other environmental factors can tremendously impact the way your skin both looks and feels. It is crucial to pay attention to your skincare routine, especially during harsh summer months when much damage is done that can accelerate the aging process.

Below is my guide to getting gorgeous skin this summer that will allow you to radiate while still preserving your natural beauty.

Regularly exfoliate your face & body 

A good skincare routine starts with exfoliation. To exfoliate my face, I leave it to the pros at About Face Skincare. Try the hydrating facial with skin polish & red carpet peel. The treatment is gentle enough to do the day of an event but strong enough to notice immediate results. If you want to do an at home facial exfoliation, try the GlamGlow line sold at Sephora. It is one of the best lines of skincare products you can buy outside of a doctor’s office. Also, be sure to do a full body exfoliation at least once a week in the shower with a good scrub. I like to use these ruffled bath puffs from CVS.

Hydrate the skin 

Next, you need to rehydrate with products that will leave your skin feeling nourished, but not greasy. For my face, there is only one moisturizer that I will use. It is definitely my biggest beauty splurge but there is nothing else like it and I simply cannot go without. My mom introduced me to it about 10 years ago and I am absolutely hooked. It is called Meg 21 and is anti-aging and moisturizing face treatment in one.

 For my body, I use Johnson’s baby lotion and baby oil combined. I like it because it is gentle but smells fresh and clean. Also, the sooner you can apply after exfoliation the better as the body absorbs moisture best fresh out of the shower. I am currently obsessed with this variation of their traditional oil.

Protect your new layers of skin

After exfoliating and moisturizing, it is important to protect the new layers of skin that you have brought to the surface with a good SPF. Treat your face, neck and chest as a single section. My go-to for everyday face and neck protection is SkinCeuticals Physical Diffusion UV Defense SPF 50. To protect my body I love Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sun Screen Body Mist SPF 45. It is lightweight and breathable. For everyday use, I apply a single time in the morning after moisturizer but when I am at the beach or pool, I reapply every 2 hours.

Get the glow

I will admit that I was a sun worshiper and no stranger to a tanning bed in my early 20s. Now that I am more aware of the dangers associated with UV tanning and have committed to investing in the preservation of my skin, it is more important than ever to protect myself from the sun. That being said, nothing feels better than having a great tan. Luckily, a few years ago, I tried a custom airbrush tan at SunMyst and my life was forever changed. Now, you can have an all-over, even bronzed look without compromising the health risks like damage and dark spots. I love the “Miami” spray because it has more brown undertones than the stereotypical orange associated with spray tans. When you are there, make sure to buy a can of Norvell Sunless Mist.This product is my lifesaver. Spray it on over your makeup to get a photo shoot worthy sun-kissed glow.

I hope you find this guide to beautiful summer skin helpful. Don’t forget to see your dermatologist annually for a full exam and remember to treat your body with respect because it will reflect both inside and out!

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