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August 26, 2023

SEPTA bus routes skipping stop at 6th and Market streets due to traffic from Greyhound's outdoor pickup location

Congestion from Uber, Lyft, and people boarding has made it difficult for 17, 33, and 48 buses in the area

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SEPTA route change Thom Carroll/for PhillyVoice

SEPTA bus routes 17, 33, and 48 are no longer stopping at Sixth and Market streets due to congestion by Greyhound's new curbside station.

SEPTA's buses will no longer stop at 6th and Market streets because of the increasing traffic caused by Greyhound's new curbside station, the transit authority said. 

After gauging the situation for two months, SEPTA decided to skip the stops for the foreseeable future starting on Wednesday. 

"Seeing the congestion there, seeing instances where people were loading and unloading baggage in the bus lanes in some instances from these tour buses," SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch said. "We were concerned that eventually we would have a situation where someone could get hurt."

In June, Greyhound closed its Filbert Street station after 35 years and moved to Market Street. The new location forces customers to wait for buses, which include companies Peter Pan, Flix, and Megabus, outside on the sidewalk with no shelter. 

The area, which is already congested due to tourists and bus tours, has become even busier with the bus companies and ride-share services constantly on the street.

There is also the problem of SEPTA's bus lanes getting blocked by the frequent traffic, the Inquirer said

Last year, the Philadelphia Parking Authority and SEPTA partnered to begin enforcing bus lane restrictions to reduce traffic. The initiative began in September along Chestnut Street from 6th to 23rd streets, Market Street from 6th to 23rd, and JFK Boulevard between 15th and 19th streets. Enforcement officers are issuing violations for parking or driving in a bus lane and making illegal turns.

The permit for Greyhound's street station ends this year, and city officials are working to find a more suitable location.