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August 30, 2021

Woman injured at Six Flags Great Adventure after entering restricted area

The incident happened Sunday night and required the temporary shutdown of two rides, spokesperson says

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Six Flags Woman Injured Street View/Google

A woman who entered a restricted area of Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, New Jersey was injured on Aug. 29 after she slipped on a roof, a park spokesperson said.

A women was injured Sunday at Six Flags Great Adventure after entering a restricted area of the theme park and slipping on a rooftop, a spokesperson for Six Flags said.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. in a fenced off area between the Kingda Ka roller coaster and the Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom ride, both of which were temporarily shut down while the issue was addressed.

"While climbing onto the roof of a building in the restricted area, the guest slipped and injured her leg," spokesperson Kristin Fitzgerald said. "The guest was transported to a local hospital."

It was not clear on Monday whether the woman, who was not identified, will face charges for climbing the fence and trespassing in the restricted area. It's also unknown what the women was attempting to do by entering the area between the rides.

Six Flags has had a string of incidents with rides this summer. Two people were hospitalized in June after the park's log flume ride malfunctioned and the El Toro roller coaster was shut down following a partial derailment in July, though no injuries were suffered.

Six Flags also temporarily shut down The Joker and Nitro rides in July after one guest reported a head injury and a second guest expressed concern that a lap bar was not functioning properly.

The theme park has been working with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to ensure that all of its rides meet safety standards and all problems are addressed before rides are reopened.

Fitzgerald said the area the woman entered on Sunday night was "clearly marked restricted," but didn't offer more details. 

"We are proud of our public safety team, who risked their own safety to serve our guest," Fitzgerald said.