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July 12, 2015

Sixers fans ask new addition Stauskas if hot dog is a sandwich

Apparently, they really wanted to know

Never change, Sixers fans. 

On Friday, the team officially announced its trade with the Sacremento Kings in which they acquired, along with draft picks, veterans Carl Landry and Jason Thompson and second-year guard Nik Stauskas. 

Stauskas, who was the eighth pick in the 2014 NBA draft, expressed his excitement about coming to Philly after the trade was reported days prior and thanked fans for welcoming him on social media after it was made official. 

In response, Sixers fans hammered Stauskas with one important question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? 
This left Stauskas, aka "Sauce Castillo," understandably confused. However, he still attempted to settle the debate.
Several fans were not pleased with his answer.
No matter his opinion in the great hot dog/sandwich debate, fans probably won't care if Stauskas is able to return to his form during his second year at Michigan and bounce back from a rookie season in Sacramento where he struggled. Especially if he can provide shooting like this: