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June 09, 2021

Social selling techniques to maximize client acquisition on LinkedIn

Learn groundbreaking insights, strategies, and tactics to help your business grow and expand future opportunities

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A salesperson checking a laptop in a coffee shop LinkedIn Sales Solutions/Unsplash

Imagine being able to tap into a business networking group where 4 out of 5 members have the ability to drive business decisions where they work. Now, imagine this network consists of 690 million active professionals. If you have a LinkedIn account, you have direct access to this massive network of people. The question is, are you leveraging your LinkedIn account to grow your professional network, maximize sales opportunities, and drive new client acquisition?

The capabilities of LinkedIn can completely change the way you conduct business. Few people understand this better than Bobbie Foedisch, founder of All About Leverage, a national LinkedIn and social selling firm. Since 2013, she has trained thousands of people on how to leverage this powerful platform to maximize sales. Known as the “Social Selling Guru and LinkedIn Jedi Master,” Bobbie offers groundbreaking insights, strategies, and tactics to help businesses grow and expand future opportunities.

Bobbie recently sat down for an interview with Bongo Consulting Managing Partner David Thompson to share everything essential that entrepreneurs and executives in sales and business development need to know about strategic social selling. From utilizing tools to build your professional network to proper user etiquette, Bobbie covered a range of must-know techniques and best-practices for leveraging your LinkedIn account.

In the following snippet from the interview, Bobbie shares her thoughts on why you should never send a connection request without including an introduction. The interview can be watched in its entirety here.


This interview is a part of the CXO Digital Advisors Series, which features conversations with thought provokers, problem dissectors and idea innovators who guide C-Suiters, business owners and entrepreneurs on new and better ways of working in a digital business world. The interview series is hosted by David Thompson, Managing Partner of Bongo Consulting, a Philadelphia-based company that helps its clients develop digital marketing strategies and foundations that position them for growth. Get a free digital marketing assessment for your business here.