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April 04, 2016

Starr Catering Group just opened a burger truck atop the Rocky Steps

A_Burger now open at Philadelphia Museum of Art

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A_Burger Handout Art/Philadelphia Museum of Art

A_Burger, parked on the East Terrace of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Need incentive to climb those Rocky Steps? Perhaps a burger at their peak will get you moving.

Starr Catering Group, a 2008-launched catering business sold by Stephen Starr last summer, has launched a burger-focused food truck on the East Terrace of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Now open, A_Burger is an effort by Starr Catering Group to add another casual eating option to the museum's lineup, which already includes Balcony Cafe, Gallery Cafe at Perelman, The Cafeteria and Granite Hill.

“This was a partnership between the museum and ourselves to come up with another dynamic dining option that’s more casual and bridges the gap between the city and the experience of the museum," Emily Stockton-Brown, senior manager of communications and development for Starr Catering, told PhillyVoice.

The menu, short and sweet with a nine-item total, represents as much: It's loaded with cheeky items like the Rocky Balburger (beef with provolone, onions, tomato and pesto mayo) and Peale's Portobello (mozzarella-stuffed portobello, sun-dried tomato, arugula, tomato and mayo). Not complete without fries, the burger menu also comes with a trio of french fry options, the most notable among them being gravy fries with cheese curds.

Stockton-Brown added that the menu, created by Starr Catering Culinary Director Ashley James and Granite Hill Executive Chef Gerald Drummond, took inspiration from the Italian Market and Mexican restaurants across the city.

To keep with the theme of blending the city and the museum, you'll notice portrait photos printed on the side of the truck of employees at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Starr Catering Group.

A_Burger operates seven days a week atop the East Terrace from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will be open year-round.