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September 24, 2020

Straight Shooters: Deep dive into Clash of the Champions XXXV

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Get ready for a new edition of "The Straight Shooters," starring Nick Piccone and Vaughn Johnson.

The last WCW production of Clash of the Champions took place on August 21, 1997 in Nashville, Tenn. at the Municipal Auditorium. It drew just over 4,000 fans and popped a 3.64 rating on TBS, which was still a good number in 1997. It didn't go head-to-head with any WWE shows that night, but it was one of my all-time favorite shows in wrestling history, let alone WCW history.

Nick Piccone and Vaughn Johnson take a deep dive into the last Clash of the Champions, an event that became obsolete when WCW was preparing to add a weekly two-hour show to TBS in the near future. That show? WCW Thunder.

Many wrestling fans thought Sting having a vulture was a bit overkill, but I thought it was fantastic and a great move. The Dinner & A Movie segments were great. Two title changes! This show had everything, except Hulk Hogan. And, well, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This was also a celebration of the nWo's birthday, which was born in July 1996. I guess birthdays are 13+ months apart in nWo years.

But before we get into all of that, we have another very real discussion about Breonna Taylor and how justice was not served in her case. This is what the protests are about.

We also talk about the passing of Road Warrior Animal, who passed away at the age of 60. We then move to Retribution and the terrible storyline continuing this week on WWE television as now the group has contracts and terrible names! I'm not sure even CM Punk can salvage this one, folks.

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