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July 21, 2015

Streets Department now offering easier way to apply for block party

Streets Department Parties
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StrEAT Festival in Manayunk.

Hitting the Web today is a new online block party application page for neighborhoods interested in taking to the streets for community shindigs. 

The Philadelphia Streets Department's previous process -- which is still on the table for people who like waiting in long lines -- was to head to the Municipal Services Building at 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd. and submit application materials in person. 

What you'll need to apply online:

• A home address on the block you're applying for

• A phone number

• An email address for the department to send an application status and (if you should be so lucky) a permit to

• Debit or credit card information for online payment 

You can also now scan neighborhood signature forms instead of mailing them. Application fees remain $25, as long as you submit payment and the application within 21 calendar days of the event. (Otherwise, be prepared to fork over $60.)

Of course, this streamlined process might have been more exciting had it not come halfway through the summer season. But we'll take what we can get.

Moreover, be aware that the application process change applies only to weekend and holiday block parties. If you're planning a weekday block party, anticipate the same old torturous in-person process

See the online application guidelines here. You can also head on over to CBS3 to read a statement from Streets Department Commissioner David Perri that cites the new service as an "innovative approach."