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December 15, 2015

Suit: Beer -- actually tap cleanser -- injures man

Lawsuit filed against restaurant McCormick & Schmick's in AC

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A gulp of beer that allegedly was instead a sanitizing liquid meant to cleanse the tap system nearly meant bottoms up for a retired Ocean City police officer.

A civil suit has been filed against McCormick & Schmick's in Harrah's Atlantic City and others, including the beer distributor, Kramer Beverage, according to The Press of Atlantic City on behalf of the injured man, Richard Washart.

The police veteran was at a celebration on Nov. 6, 2012 when the incident happened.

"One minute, we're celebrating the success of our emergency medical services operation at the restaurant, and then I'm violently throwing up blood, my mouth and stomach are burning, and I'm hospitalized for a week," Washart told The Press.

Washart continues to receive regular treatment for his injuries, which include erosion of about 25 percent of his stomach lining, according to physicians.

“I never saw a patient survive these types of burns in 30 years of practice,” one doctor cited in the suit said he’s never seen someone survive the sort of chemical burn endured by Washart.

He had at first first ordered a Blue Moon, and drank it without problems, according to the suit. But when Washart reordered, he was told the keg was empty.

He then ordered a Sam Adams Winter Lager.

After his first gulp, he immediately felt pain from his mouth to his chest, according to the suit.

Washart ran to the bathroom, where he projectile vomited.

He was unable to swallow water or eat, and regurgitated at least five more times over 30 minutes, and then began to throw up blood, according to the suit.

Attorney Paul D’Amato said his examination indicates the tap line was filled with a caustic cleanser.

The case is expected to go to trial in Atlantic County Superior Court’s Civil Courthouse next year.

To read the entire account, go to The Press of Atlantic City.