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June 19, 2016

Sweet Lucy's in Northeast Philly is a mac n' cheese powerhouse

We compare weight equivalent of Mac n' Cheese produced each week

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Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse.

If you have never been to Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse on State Road in Northeast Philadelphia, you need to get it together and see what's happening over there (Beastie Boys pun intended because Sweet Lucy, whoever she is, is the cheese and the macaroni). 

Last year, we put Sweet Lucy's in our Top 5 Buffets in Philadelphia — and for good reason. The buffet is only open on Monday nights, but it's the best $21.99 you will ever spend. There's brisket, roasted chicken, wings, salad, cornbread, roast beef, pulled pork, spinach, mashed potatoes, and of course mac n' cheese.

Half a ton of it, as in 1,000 pounds, every single week, according to Eater Philly, which just wrapped up its mouthwatering inaugural Philly Barbecue Week. The whole series is worth checking out now that we're entering peak barbecue season.

We went over to Blue Bulb Projects to do some inside the numbers, weight-in-mac comparisons. Here's how much mac n' cheese — think the homestyle Kraft/Velveeta variety, but much better (not for you, sorry) — Sweet Lucy's is churning out:

• The weight of a grand piano

• Two-thirds of a cow

• 50 dachshunds

• 1/150th the weight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor

• 350 human brains

• 750 basketballs

• 2,000 hamsters

• 2 million raindrops

But don't let any of that stop you from eating it all, because it's only 0.000000000000000000000075933 the weight of the Earth. That's about 13,169,999,999,999,999,945,474,048 pounds.

As a tip, you may want to fast before going there.