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Maternal Mortality

Women's Health

Exposure to extreme heat during pregnancy linked to higher risk of childbirth complications, study finds

Maternal Morbidity Heat Study

Women's Health

Severe pregnancy complications have surged in Pennsylvania, and they're particularly prevalent in Philly

Women's Health

New blood test predicts which pregnant women will develop preeclampsia

Preeclampsia Blood Test

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Maternal deaths in the U.S. have more than doubled since 1999, study finds

Maternal mortality

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To reduce maternal deaths, Pennsylvania will begin tracking pregnancy and birth complications

Maternal Morbidity Pennsylvania

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Philly's soda tax has reduced risk of pregnancy complications, study finds

Soda tax maternal health

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Health forum to address the higher likelihood of Black women to die of pregnancy complications

IBX Health Equity forum

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Temple Health's new campus seeks to combat city's high maternal death rate

Temple Women & Families Campus

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To reduce infant deaths, Philly will give guaranteed incomes to 250 mothers

Infant mortality

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Maternal deaths have surged to their highest mark since 1965, despite being mostly preventable

U.S. maternal mortality

Women's Health

To address racial disparities, IBX is now connecting members to maternal health organizations

Maternal Mortality Disparities


To improve Philly's maternal and infant mortality rates, a collective approach is needed

Maternal Mortality Philadelphia

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New Institute for Health Equity aims to address Philly's disparities in maternal outcomes, telemedicine access

Racial Health Inequities


Pennsylvania to pilot doula services program for pregnant women at state prison in Lycoming County

Doula Pa Prisons

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Racial disparities in preterm birth rates still wide in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Preterm birth Racial disparities

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Blue Cross Blue Shield pledges to cut maternal health disparities in half by 2026

Black Maternal Mortality

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Black women represent more than 70% of Philly's pregnancy-related deaths, report shows

Philly Maternal Mortality

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Today is #BumpDay: help spread word about rising maternal mortality rates in U.S.

Pregnant woman holding stomach

Women's Health

Pennsylvania establishes review committee on rising maternal mortality rate


Women's Health

Here’s one issue blue and red states agree on: preventing deaths of expectant and new mothers


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Study: Philadelphia maternal mortality rate higher than national average

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