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From grave robbing to giving your own body to science – a short history of where medical schools get cadavers

Cadavers Medical Schools

Mental Health

A little bit of narcissism is normal and healthy; here's how to tell when it becomes pathological

Pathological Narcissism

Alternative Medicine

CBD is not a cure-all – here's what science says about its real health benefits

Hemp CBD Health

Adult Health

Many Americans wrongly assume they understand what normal blood pressure is; that false confidence can be deadly

Normal Blood Pressure

Health News

Vinyl chloride, a chemical released in the Ohio train derailment, can damage the liver

Ohio train derailment


How will a high ankle sprain affect Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl? A surgeon explains

Patrick Mahomes Ankle


Lung cancer rates have decreased for men, but risen steeply for non-smokers and young women

Lung Cancer Rates

Mental Health

Working from home and missing your old commute? There are psychological reasons for that

Commute Remote Work

Adult Health

Marriage provides health benefits – and here's why

Marriage Health Benefits


Cold weather brings itchy, irritated, dry and scaly skin. Here's how to treat it

Dry Skin Winter


Most fitness trackers monitor heart rate variability – here's what this metric says about your health

Apple Watch HRV


The record cold and flu season highlights the urgency for RSV vaccines and other preventive strategies

RSV Treatment Vaccine


The holiday blues leave many Americans feeling down during a season that emphasizes being merry

Holiday Blues Depression

Adult Health

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a problem that can have serious consequences – but doctors often overlook it

Vitamin B12 deficiency


Doctors often miss depression symptoms for certain groups, but a routine screening policy could reduce the gap

Depression Screening


Hey, new parents – go ahead and 'spoil' that baby!

Soothe Crying Baby

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Who sees what you flush? Wastewater surveillance for public health is on the rise, but many adults are still unaware

Wastewater surveillance covid


A blood test that screens for multiple cancers at once promises to boost early detection

MCEDs Blood Tests Cancer


Newly discovered species of bacteria in the microbiome may be a culprit behind rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Bacteria


An RSV outbreak is surging in the United States; here's what parents should know

RSV Outbreak


Most Americans do trust scientists and science-based policy-making, Pew research shows

Scientific Trust Fauci.jpg

Adult Health

Why are so many people delighted by disgusting things?

Halloween decorations

Men's Health

Male birth control options are in development, but a number of barriers still stand in the way

Male birth control


State prison in Delco gets Scandinavian-style makeover, shows how U.S. penal system could be more humane

SCI Chester

Women's Health

Breast cancer awareness campaigns often overlook those with metastatic cancer – here’s how they can do better

Breast cancer ribbon


Gonorrhea became more drug resistant while attention was on COVID-19

Gonorrhea STD Illustration


Long COVID: How researchers are zeroing in on the self-targeted immune attacks that may lurk behind it


Children's Health

School start times, screen time late in the evening exacerbate sleep deprivation in teens

Teen sleep deprivation

Health News

Why are some people mosquito magnets and others are unbothered?

Mosquito magnet


Will omicron-specific booster shots be more effective at combating COVID-19? 5 questions answered

Senior Health

Over-the-counter hearing aids have been greenlighted by the FDA

Hearing aid OTC

Health Stories

Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water

Water glass obesity


When COVID-19 or flu viruses kill, they often have an accomplice – bacterial infections

COVID-19 virus flu infection

Mental Health

How easy access to guns at home contributes to America's youth suicide problem

Gun youth suicide


How well do monkeypox vaccines prevent infection? A virologist answers 6 questions about the shots


What are muscle knots and how can they be treated?

Muscle knot


How the omicron subvariant BA.5 became a master of disguise – and what it means for the current COVID-19 surge

Healthy Eating

Food expiration dates don't have much science behind them


Viruses can change your scent to make you more attractive to mosquitoes, new research finds

Mosquito Virus Odor

Adult Health

How hot is too hot for the human body?


Defining when human life begins is not a question science can answer – it's a question of politics and ethical values

Ultrasound baby

Mental Health

When texts suddenly stop: Why people ghost on social media

Ghosting text

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