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How – not what – a person vapes may play a big role in health effects

Vape Woman Hands 09132019


Vaping likely has dangers that could take years for scientists to even know about


Dr. Spock's timeless lessons in parenting

Dr. Benjamin Spock 09092019


Stop calling it a choice: Biological factors drive homosexuality

Gay Pride Flickr 09042019

Health News

Stem cells could regenerate organs – but only if the body won't reject them

Human Organs SPS 08252019

Healthy Eating

Organic food health benefits have been hard to assess, but that could change

Carrots Organic 08202019

Adult Health

Want better sleep? Try a warm bath or shower 1-2 hours before bedtime, study suggests

Woman in Bath 08132019


5 tips for parents to build communication skills with children with autism spectrum disorder

Autism Communication 08122019

Public Safety

Could a national gun buyback program reduce the 393 million guns on America's streets?


How technology could help solve the caregiver shortage for seniors

Seniors Technology 07252019


Heart transplant doctors could help more people by accepting donations from obese

Adult Health

Ticks spread plenty more for you to worry about beyond Lyme disease

Tick On Neck MSU 071412019

Healthy Eating

Selecting groceries ahead of time helps some shoppers make healthier choices

Supermarket Shopper 07102019

Healthy Eating

So far cultured meat has been burgers – the next big challenge is animal-free steaks

Beef Steak Meat 07052019

Healthy Eating

Sugar substitutes: Is one better or worse for diabetes? For weight loss? An expert explains

Sugars 07012019

Women's Health

Ack! I need chocolate! The science of PMS food cravings

Chocolate Bars 06282019


Health care price transparency: Fool's gold, or real money in your pocket?

EOB Health Care 06252019


Sleep training for your kids: Why and how it works

Baby Dad Sleep 06232019

Health Stories

Consumer genetic testing customers stretch their DNA data further with third-party interpretation websites



Rapid DNA analysis helps diagnose mystery diseases

DNA Testing Analysis 06132019


E-cig companies use cartoon characters as logos, and new study shows it works

vaping death new jersey


Are brain games mostly BS?

Men Chess 06102019


Why hitting the snooze button could be harmful to your health

Snooze Button Flickr 06062019


What’s wrong with those anti-vaxxers? They're just like the rest of us

Health Care

The U.S. could have ended up with a British-style health care system: Here is why it didn’t

Mile End Hospital East London 05172019

Women's Health

U.S. fertility keeps dropping – but there's no reason to panic

Sonogram 05162019


Platelets: The chameleons of cancer biology

Platelets Blood Red White Cells 05062019

Adult Health

Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can harm work concentration the next day

Man Yawn 04302019


No cure for Alzheimer's disease in my lifetime

Alzheimer's disease 04252019

Children's Health

A drug for autism? Potential treatment for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome offers clues

Autism Repetitive Movement 04262019


5 things to consider before you hire a tutor for your child

Tutor Student Flickr 04232019

Healthy Eating

New cholesterol study may lead you to ask: Pass the eggs, or pass on the eggs?

Fried Eggs Skillet 04172019


Does most of your paycheck go to rent? That may be hurting your health

apartment rent sign 03192019_

Health Insurance

Medicaid work requirements: Is there a path forward that could help the poor, not harm them?


Teens have less face time with their friends – and are lonelier than ever

teens silhouette sky 03212019

Adult Health

Global study of pancreatic cancer offers possible insights into treatment, early detection

Mental Health

Youth mental health crisis in America is real – and staggering

Teen sad silhouette depression mental health 03142019

Health News

Are viruses the best weapon for fighting superbugs?



5 ways life would be better if it were always daylight saving time



EPA's plan to regulate chemical contaminants in drinking water is a drop in the bucket


Adult Health

Your lungs are really amazing. An anatomy professor explains why



Pyt: the Danish word the world needs to combat stress


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