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March 02, 2016

Temple University Hospital launches gunshot-wound first aid community program

'Fighting Chance' uses U.S. military tactics learned for war combat

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Temple University Hospital has launched a gunshot-wound first aid workshop to reduce the number of gun-related deaths in crime-riddled Philadelphia communities.

According to Temple Health, the goal of the program – 'Fighting Chance' – is to teach bystanders ways to give immediate care to gunshot-wound victims in an effort to help save lives, including how to tighten a tourniquet around a victim’s arm and how to position an injured victim.

The two-hour courses are led by certified medical professionals volunteering their time and expertise. 

'Fighting Chance' was designed by Tim Bryan, DO, the assistant director of Emergency Medical Services at Temple University Hospital and a veteran of U.S. Special Operations who served globally as a combat medic in conflict, Temple Health said. 

It borrows U.S. military tactics used in war.

Read more about the Fighting Chance program at Temple Health's newsroom.

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