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December 27, 2017

Here's the Top 10 Tweets of 2017

Social media can be many things, but in this case, it is very, very good

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Stock_Carroll - Starbucks Coffee Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Starbucks, not this one on the campus of Drexel University but in general, plays an integral role in the Top 10 Tweets of 2017 roundup.

Hey there! Hopefully you have already enjoyed our collection of great Tweets from the calendar year that's about to come to an end.

Right here, we are moving onto the creme de la creme of Twitter posts from the past 365 days.

We surely missed some, as it's impossible to keep up with the Twitter's nonstop content churn. But these 10 (well, 11) upcoming posts capture the best of 2017 in at least one person's estimation.

Topics covered: Politics, millennials, humor, the Illuminati, gender and ironic parody.

The one that sits atop the list does so because it offers a vision of hope after a year that's been rather, shall we say, tense with everybody at everybody's else's throats on the regular.

With no further ado, the best of the best:

Honorable mention: When a foe claps back with wit and grace.

10. Millennials kill everything so there must be repercussions

9. Oh SNAP

8. The power of brands

7. Rough day at the office

6. When real life meshes with a fictional movie way too well

5. Whoa

4. Philly Twitter is the best Twitter of all

3. 'Howdy. I'm Sheriff Hillary.'

2. Facepalm

And the best Tweet of 2017 is ...

Good luck not trying to dance along with this New Orleans sanitation crew and the lives they touched this day. S/O to pedicab driver Paul McCaige for being in the right place at the right time.