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February 19, 2018

Twitter roasts Kevin Hart, Fergie for NBA All-Star Game preamble

Before Lebron James took home the MVP title during Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles, the celebrity-packed arena (and viewers at home) counted down to the main event with help from Kevin Hart, who did a pregame sketch and player introductions, and Fergie, who sang the national anthem.

Twitter was not having it.

Critics said Hart’s sketch felt awkward and forced in the echoey arena, with few jokes that landed. Check out a bit of the performance in the clip below, where Jamie Foxx makes an appearance and Hart makes a “Rocky” reference.

Viewers were quick to react on social media, skewering the Philly-native comedian. A few also agreed the sketch should have been cut and Hart just show up to roast players during the introductions instead. Regardless how you felt about Hart’s introductions, it’s hard not to laugh at him telling Kyrie Irving the earth is not flat.

Though the comic faced some harsh feedback, it turns out it was only a preface to what turned out to be a strange, puzzling rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Fergie. For many it made Hart’s performance look much better by comparison.

If you have a few extra ear drums to destroy, listen to Fergie’s pseudo-jazzy, quasi-sultry rendition of the national anthem (on low volume) below. Take note of some players’ and famous audience members’ facial reactions.

Do you miss Kevin Hart yet? Here ya go.