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November 21, 2017

Typo in New Jersey street sign is incomprehensibly bad

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Road tarasov_vl/Fotolia

A road.

With all due respect to the 5-15 percent of Americans who suffer from dyslexia, the typographical mistake you're about to see on a New Jersey roadway is enough to make you doubt humanity at its cerebral core.

Everyone has misprints in handwriting, in texts and in emails. They happen to the best of us, even in news articles. We do it all the time!

How on earth a person manages to paint out the word "STOP" in big, bold letters and spell it incorrectly is just beyond comprehension.

The following "STOP" location was spotted by community members in Robbinsville, a township in Mercer County. The mistake was so magnificent that sent a photographer out to immortalize it.

Members of the Robbinsville community Facebook page reportedly questioned whether the typo might have been some sort of doctored hoax. It was not.

A property owner confirmed that the painting was done on private property by a private contractor. The error will be fixed by the end of the day Tuesday.