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July 13, 2015

National union leader, a Nova grad, slams Walker campaign with six words

The Pennsylvania native had short and not-so-sweet comment on Republican candidate

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker officially entered the 2016 presidential race Monday, only a few days after accidently announcing it via Twitter. 

Walker, who has polled well nationally among Republicans despite his late entry to the race, has a notorious reputation with organized labor. From legislation eliminating collective bargaining for the state's workers that ignited protests to his controversial right-to-work law, unions have been no fan of Walker. 

The AFL-CIO, the nation's largest federation of unions, was one of the organizations that fought (unsuccessfully) against Walker's signing of the right-to-work law. Its president, Pennsylvania native and Villanova University School of Law graduate Richard Trumka, made it clear Wednesday that the organization thought little of Walker. 

In possibly one of the most terse press releases of all time, Trumka had six scathing words for the governor after he declared his candidacy:

Scott Walker is a national disgrace.

In case there was any doubt, it's safe to say that Walker will not be getting an endorsement from the AFL-CIO.