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January 03, 2019

Where to volunteer in Philadelphia this month

Three local organizations looking for helping hands this winter

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This month, there are a lot of things to celebrate, like Black History Month, and reasons to be thankful, like having a warm home and warm clothes. These things also serve as a reminder that not everyone is as fortunate. 

Here, you’ll find three deserving organizations in need of volunteers this month (and year-round) that will welcome you and your urge to give back.

To help those without a warm home of their own

Where to volunteer: Broad Street Ministries; 315 S. Broad St.

What you can do: There are so many ways to get involved at the Broad Street Ministry. You can help cook for or serve their many guests during weekday meals, help distribute mail to guests, help sort and stock clothing inventory, assist with therapeutic art projects, or even donate money.

How to get involved: It is recommended that new volunteers start with “Breaking Bread,” the opportunity that involves serving meals to guests as if they were in a restaurant. View the weekly schedule here and reserve your volunteer spot online. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old. 

To celebrate Black History Month

Where to volunteer: Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY); 5548 Chestnut St. 

What you can do: Recognize Black History Month by investing in African American youth. Choose to tutor or mentor youth in many of the organizations programs, write or take pictures for newsletter, organize a fundraiser or help with fundraising.

How to get involved: Apply to be a volunteer here and include your area of interest to begin helping IDAAY. 

To help kids experiencing homelessness stay safe and healthy

Where to volunteer: CHOP’s Homeless Health Initiative (HHI); 3401 Civic Center Blvd. 

What you can do: HHI provides free health services to families living in local emergency housing shelters. Dedicated volunteers from the HHI offer high-quality medical and dental care, health education, and more to shelter residents in the Philadelphia area. You can volunteer your time at a shelter to help run art classes or physical recreation activities for kids, or health and wellness programs for parents, or organizing a donation drive.

How to get involved: Peruse this list to see the areas you might be most interested (or most qualified) to volunteer in and contact the organization by phone at 215-590-7646. 

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