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April 01, 2019

Where to volunteer in Philadelphia this month

Three local organizations are looking for helping hands in April

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This month, like most months, there are plenty of things to celebrate and be thankful for. Of course, the biggest one might just be the onset of spring and — fingers crossed — continuously warmer weather.

Perhaps sunshine inspires warm intentions, so many of you may feel inclined to lending a assistance to community service organizations. Here, you’ll find three deserving groups in need of volunteers this month (and year-round) that will welcome you and your desire to give back.


Where to volunteer: Not in Philly; 

What you can do: Philadelphia has a litter problem, and citizens can make a real difference. Not in Philly is a network of more than 1,200 neighbors who have committed to cleaning litter from their block once a week. There is likely already a team cleaning up streets in your neighborhood, but to make things more convenient, participants are able to register their block and participate in or create a cleanup crew on their block.

How to get involved: Start by checking out Not in Philly’s map outlining the neighborhoods with participants, without participants, and those receiving cleanup tools (like trash grabbers). From there, determine if you need to create your own cleanup crew or join another. It’s a perfect volunteer opportunity for roommates, families and individuals looking to better their neighborhood. 


Where to volunteer: Special Olympics Pennsylvania- Philly

What you can do: Volunteers are the backbone of the Special Olympics and, fortunately, there are a myriad of positions available and ways to volunteer your time. Become a coach or assistant coach for one of the 11 sports involved in the Special Olympics, be a volunteer cheerleader or opt to be a "day of" volunteer on the day of the competition. And those are just a few of the volunteer options.

How to get involved: Fill out this volunteer registration application and the organization will be in touch with next steps. 


Where to volunteer: Briar Bush Nature Center; 1212 Edge Hill Road, Abington 

What you can do: Whether you have a lot of time or very little, there's a way to make your mark at Briar Bush. Adult volunteers help with everything from animal care to pulling invasive weeds to organizing archives, plus leading hikes for school groups and manning information tables during community events. Adults and youth can be animal care volunteers. Youth must be 16 years old to do animal care on their own; youth as young as 10 may volunteer with an adult family member. Youth between the ages 12 and 17 help with maintaining the buildings and grounds, and also with citizen science through Briar Bush's bird club. Families with children 8-11 may also volunteer for buildings and grounds and the bird club.

How to get involved: Determine the type of service that is both fitting and of interest to you and fill out the appropriate volunteer form here

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