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July 10, 2023

Police suspect poisoned feeders led to unusual bird deaths at Warminster park

Numerous birds were found dead near feeding stations placed at the community park along Bristol Road. The public is advised not to touch similar feeders if spotted

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Poisoned Birds Warminster Warminster Police/CrimeWatch

The bird feeders pictured above were recovered from Warminster Community Park in Bucks County on July 8, 2023. Numerous dead birds were found near the feeders, leading police to believe they were poisoned.

Authorities in Bucks County are investigating the apparent poisoning of bird feeders placed at a park where numerous dead birds were found last weekend, officials said.

The bodies of at least 16 birds were discovered Saturday at multiple feedings stations in Warminster Community Park. The feeders were located near the former Naval Air Defense Command tower along Bristol Road. Investigators suspect the feeders had been placed there earlier Saturday.

Officials said the feathers on the birds had bands consistent with homing pigeons. Animal control officers responded to the park to clean up the birds' remains.

The suspected poison contained in the feeders is considered dangerous to both birds and humans, police said. The substance found in the bird feeders has been sent to a lab to be identified. 

The dead birds also have been sent out for necropsies to be performed to determine their causes of death, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania SPCA said Monday. PSPCA is assisting Warminster police and animal control in the investigation. 

Authorities shared a photo of the feeders that were removed from Warminster Community Park on Saturday. The public is advised not to touch similar feeders if they are spotted in the area. The 240-acre park is Warminster's largest.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Warminster police at (215) 672-1000.

Note: This story was updated after the Pennsylvania SPCA determined 16 birds were found at the park.