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April 02, 2016

WATCH: Malvern Prep Lax pulls off flawless fakeout as time expires

Crafty hidden ball play lifts Friars over Garnet Valley, 11-10

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040216_MalvernPrep Source /Aaron Carter

Malvern Prep Friars defeat Garnet Valley Jaguars with last second shot on April 2, 2016.

The etiquette behind trick plays is all about finesse and execution, no matter which sport or scenario summons them from the playbook. It's pretty rare to see a dastardly onside kick like Andy Reid's opening day salvo against the Cowboys in 2000, but the high school ranks are much more fertile for this kind of ploy.

On Saturday, Malvern Prep's lacrosse team was knotted up at 10-10 against Garnet Valley with just three seconds remaining on the clock.

Rather than drive to the net for a final shot and prepare for overtime, the 5-1 Friars, led by coach John McEvoy, decided to pull a fast one on the Jaguars: the hidden ball.

In the video below, No. 2 acts as if he's passing the ball off to No. 20, who motions as a decoy to draw the defense in his direction. Meanwhile, No. 2 casually sidesteps toward a wide-open teammate who finishes the job against Garnet Valley's unsuspecting goalie.

This all goes to show that it never hurts to practice those doomsday, buzzer-beating situations. Props to Malvern Prep on their sixth win of the season.