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May 22, 2016

WATCH: N.J. couple gets married at a White Castle

Old Bridge couple says fast-food chain was their primo date spot

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052216_WhiteCastle Source/Creative Commons

White Castle in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It didn't seem possible, but White Castle has fans more devoted than Harold and Kumar.

On Friday, New Jersey residents Kristina Jones and Michael Rowley fulfilled their lifelong dream, getting hitched at the fast-food burger joint's location in Sayreville.

The Old Bridge couple were joined by friends, family and several White Castle employees for a day of matrimonial bliss, highlighted by an assortment sliders, burgers, chicken rings, and fries, according to WKYC 3.

The young couple decided White Castle was the most appropriate place to take their vows because they had been going on dates there for years.

"I just love the burgers," Jones said. "I could sit there and eat burgers all the time."

Was it a challenge for them to arrange the ceremony? Not really. The newlyweds emailed White Castle to see if they would oblige, and the company was all for it. They even temporarily shut down the restaurant for the reception, limiting the public to the drive-thru.

As it turns out, White Castle is a fairly popular wedding venue in New Jersey, at least going by the standards of improbable wedding venues. The chain's District Supervisor boasted that he's held about 10 to 15 weddings in the past fifteen years.

May the Rowleys have everlasting happiness and Crave Crates for years to come.