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August 25, 2017

WATCH: Rhys Hoskins makes MLB history – so feast your eyes on all 14 of his home runs

In recent seasons (and really, for most of my childhood and adulthood, too), late August in Philadelphia was a time to put baseball season aside (even with month of games remaining) and focus on football as the end of summer and the start of the school year drew near.

But, no, not in 2017, Rhys Hoskins has said. You will watch, because I command you to pull up a seat and tune in on your TV or slap down a few bucks and get your butt into the ballpark.

The bottom portion of this story has been updated. Hoskins hit his 11th home run in 18 games/64 at-bats. Scroll down for video.

Rhys Hoskins is doing something no player in baseball has ever accomplished. And, as you may know, they’ve been playing baseball for more than 130 years.

Rhys Hoskins homered in his first at-bat on Friday night against the defending World Champion Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park.

It was the ninth home run of Hoskins’ major league career, which is all of 16 games old. 

According to Elias, Hoskins' nine home runs in 54 at-bats is the fastest in baseball history. No player in history has reached nine home runs quicker than Rhys Dean Hoskins, the pride of Sacramento, Calif., and the heir apparent to the triumvirate of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard as the baseball darling of South Philly.

The Phillies still have the worst record in baseball, surely. But they also have a real, legitimate reason to watch games in September in the right-handed-swinging slugging rookie.

Enough talk. Feast your eyes on all nine of Hoskins’ homers, which, by the way, have come over a 12-game span.

Home Run No. 1, at Petco Park in San Diego on August 14:

Home Run No. 2, also at Petco Park on August 14:

Home Run No. 3, at Petco Park on August 15:

Home Run No. 4, at AT&T Park in San Francisco on August 19:

Home Run No. 5, at AT&T Park on August 20:

Home Run No. 6, at Citizens Bank Park on August 22:

Home Run No. 7, at Citizens Bank Park on August 23:

Home Run No. 8, at Citizens Bank Park on August 24: 

Home Run No. 9, at Citizens Bank Park on August 25:

Home Run No.10, at Citizens Bank Park on August 26: 


Home Run No.11, at Citizens Bank Park on August 27:

Home Run No.12, at Marlins Park on September 2:


Home Run No.13, at Nationals Park on September 8:


Home Run No.14, at Nationals Park on September 9: 

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