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June 20, 2016

When did each of the 51 cities with a major sports franchise last win a title?

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062016ChaseUtley Tom Mihalek/AP

18 cities have brought home a title since the Phillies were World bleeping Champions.

By my count, there are 51 cities in the United States and Canada with at least one franchise in the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, or MLB. Last night, when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, they broke a 52-year drought in which the city of Cleveland did not have a title in the four major American sports leagues. 

Now that they finally have something to celebrate, let's take an updated look at the last time each of those 51 cities brought home the glory:

City Last championship Team that won
Cleveland 2016 Cavaliers
Pittsburgh 2016 Penguins
Denver 2015 Broncos
Kansas City 2015 Royals
Chicago 2015 Blackhawks
Oakland 2015 Warriors
Boston/NE 2014 Patriots
San Francisco 2014 Giants
San Antonio 2014 Spurs
Los Angeles / Anaheim 2014 Kings
Seattle 2013 Seahawks
Miami 2013 Heat
Baltimore 2012 Ravens
New York 2011 Giants
Dallas 2011 Mavericks
St. Louis 2011 Cardinals
Green Bay 2010 Packers
New Orleans 2009 Saints
Philadelphia 2008 Phillies
Detroit 2008 Red Wings
Indianapolis 2006 Colts
Raleigh, NC 2006 Hurricanes
Tampa Bay 2004 Lightning
Newark, NJ 2003 Devils
Phoenix 2001 Diamondbacks
Atlanta 1995 Braves
Houston 1995 Rockets
Toronto 1993 Blue Jays
Montreal 1993 Canadiens
Washington DC 1991 Redskins
Minneapolis 1991 Twins
Cincinnati 1990 Reds
Edmonton 1990 Oilers
Calgary 1989 Flames
Portland 1977 Trailblazers
Milwaukee 1971 Bucks
Buffalo 1965 Bills (AFL)
San Diego 1963 Chargers (AFL)
Ottawa 1927 Senators
Charlotte Never N/A
Columbus Never N/A
Jacksonville Never N/A
Memphis Never N/A
Nashville Never N/A
Oklahoma City Never N/A
Orlando Never N/A
Sacramento Never N/A
Salt Lake City Never N/A
San Jose Never N/A
Vancouver Never N/A
Winnipeg Never N/A

Some Philly-related notes:

• 18 cities have brought home championships since the Phillies won the World Series in 2008. Chase Utley's speech doesn't feel so recent anymore.

• A Canadian city hasn't won a championship since the 1993 Blue Jays. The Curse of Mitchy Poo?

• PhillyVoice ran a poll in May, asking which Philly team would bring home the next championship. The Flyers, who snuck into the playoffs and were quickly dispatched in the first round, finished at the top at 38 percent. The Phillies, a team that has been outscored 50-11 during their current six-game losing streak, finished second at 30 percent. Philly sports!

• Yes, I know MLS exists. My preemptive deepest regrets for their omission here, although in fairness, we do cover the Union extensively here.

• At least we're not Winnipeg.

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