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February 15, 2015

Wind sends tree crashing in to Delco home

Weather Wind Damage
Wind knocks down Delco tree 6 ABC/

Heavy winds sent a tree crashing in to a Delco home.

All four family members were fortunately able to escape after a tree came crashing down on to a home in Newton Square, CBS 3 reports.

The winds, which have reached speeds over 50 miles per hour, were responsible for uprooting a large tree and sending it on top of the home, splitting the house in half. 

The incident occurred at 1:30 a.m. on Spruce Street.

According to 6 ABC, homeowner John Quigley was sleeping when it happened, and his wife had to be rescued by responders. The tree also damaged the family's car.

The family member who first discovered the destroyed home told CBS 3 that he expected the worse for his daughter and grandchildren when he first arrived:

“Opening that door was horrifying. It was horrifying. I was expecting some death. I thought I lost my grandchildren to be quite honest. I thought my grandson was dead because when I first got in there he wasn’t making a sound. I could see him coming out through branches and I grabbed him and picked him up and got him outside.”

The four family members only suffered minor cuts and bruises. Police say the tree was simply too old and couldn't handle the gusts.