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June 27, 2017

Five ways to work out on vacation with no gym access

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We all made resolutions to get to the gym and work out at the start of the year, but vacation time is when we are really put to the test. It’s easy to lose track of your routine and progress when you’re on vacation — especially without access to a gym or your other regular workout tools. But luckily, as long as you have your body and a will to keep exercising, there are plenty of great options when you’re away from home.

1. Bodyweight workouts

With the right techniques, you can get a lot of work done with your bodyweight alone. We all know the classics: crunches, push-ups, squats, planks, etc. They may be boring, but they never stop being effective. You may not think you can get a good enough workout without any extra weight, but that’s nothing a few more reps can’t solve. And there’s always the Tabata-style workout if you really want to get intense with it.

2. Local activities to get you moving

Vacation doesn’t have to be all restaurants, museums, and shopping. Whether it be kayaking, hiking trails, or surfing — take the time to research what outdoor activities are available. Chances are you’ll find something new and exciting to do that will enhance your trip and your fitness.

3. Mobility exercises

There’s no part of our body that we neglect more than our hips and back. The good news? Vacation is the perfect time to fix that. A mobility workout is a quick and dynamic way to stretch your hips and open up your spine. A short and simple routine that you can nail down after a couple of tries, a mobility workout can also provide great relief after being cramped on a long flight or road trip. As long as you have a decent amount of floor space and a few minutes, this is a great solution to keep your body limber and fit.

4. Walk or run anywhere you can

Instead of taking the car or other transit options, you could try walking or running. There are two great reasons to employ this simple strategy. First, it’s a simple but highly effective way to get your body active without any hassle or extra planning. And second, you will almost certainly see more of wherever you are going if you choose to walk instead. If the extra commute time is within reason, this may be the perfect solution for you.

5. Put it all together

Some of the best and most interesting workouts happen when you do a little bit of everything. There’s no reason you can’t throw in a bit of mobility, bodyweight work, and cardio all into one routine. Think of it like CrossFit without the lifting. A simple all-around routine to start with is a quarter mile of running, 15 squats, another quarter mile, 10 push-ups, another quarter, a 45-second plank, and the last quarter mile. You can adjust the intensity of the routine to your needs.

People have been getting great workouts for centuries without gyms, and you can too. Hopefully, these suggestions will help keep you committed to your fitness goals. That way, you can enjoy your vacation without stressing about how much you have to catch up on when you get home.

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