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June 30, 2016

How to be a good parent and still feel your best

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For most families, hectic schedules are a permanent state of mind. Finding time to workout feels like an insurmountable challenge. But you don’t have to say goodbye to those pants you love just yet. Working out doesn’t mean you need to top off a 10-mile run with a three-hour gym session. Staying fit can be incorporated into your routine with simple modifications that better the health of the whole family — and take care of a few chores.

Check Your Mentality

Juggling kids and staying fit starts with changing your frame of reference. If you’re a super human who can pull off a morning gym session before the sun rises, the presidential candidacy may be in your cards. For the rest of us, staying fit doesn’t mean you need to be a part bionic, or even an athlete — it just means you have to get moving! A brisk walk 30 minutes a day will do wonders for your health, prevent high blood pressure, and improve your mood.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Incorporating just a 30-minute walk into your daily routine can easily be mastered on your commute to work, during your lunch break, or while walking the dog. It’s all about dedicating yourself to making a lifestyle change. Making an effort to incorporate walking into your routine can not only change your life but the lives of your family. Walking together can provide a time to talk about each others’ day and connect as a family, all while instilling lifelong habits for your kids.

Activity Modification

If your schedule is so insane that you can’t even squeeze in a workout — modify activities that make up your day. For instance, work at a standing desk, take the stairs instead of the elevator and use large parking lots as an opportunity to park far away. Replace longer workouts with high-intensity ones that get your heart rate up. Be creative and transform your home life to encourage your kids to exercise more. For instance, make chores like raking the leaves or weeding a family activity and impart your kids with responsible tasks like walking the dog and mowing the lawn to help them stay active all while teaching them responsibility. If you have younger children, invest in a jogging stroller, and take your little ones with you while you hit the pavement.

Make it Count

Channel exercising as a way to promote family togetherness, and make it count! Plan weekend trips that involve hiking, boating and exploring the great outdoors. Encourage new activities to try as a family like rock climbing or bowling. Fun activities will help your family remain active all while creating precious memories. Teaching your little ones how to stay active now will do wonders for their future as they foster lifelong habits.

With concentrated efforts, you can stay fit and easily incorporate more activity into your family’s life! Just a few simple changes to your lifestyle can drastically improve your health and the overall well-being of your family. What’s your favorite way to stay active on a tight schedule?

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