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January 18, 2015

72 snakes found in Pa. home

Pennsylvania officials will look to rewrite pet ownership rules

One Carbondale Township homeowner's outlandish animal collection has prompted local lawmakers to consider stricter limits on the number of pets that can be housed under one roof. 

Carbondale city officials recently sent out on a home visit were shocked to discover ninety animals living inside. According to WNEP-TV, employees of the Area Agency on Aging found 72 snakes, nine cats, a dog, a turtle, two geckos, a rabbit, and a parrot in the residence. 

Although most of the pets were found to be healthy, Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor questioned whether having that many animals, particularly snakes, is safe or reasonable. 

“It appears we do not have an ordinance on point here for 72 snakes. We have a number of ordinances that talk about what animals are domesticated and what are not. And, of course, domesticated animals are obviously allowed. Even with that, you get into, what’s a reasonable number?” said Mayor Taylor.

Since no law in Carbondale currently prohibits the homeowner in question from having this many pets, the city council and zoning solicitor are now exploring a new ordinance to set limits. 

The owner of the snakes is not facing any criminal charges from the city, but  investigators will look into whether the snakes were intended to be bred and sold.

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