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May 07, 2018

Add well-being to your workday with these three tips

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If you spend Monday through Friday waiting for the weekend to arrive, you’re not alone. But here’s some good news… it’s possible to bring your weekend vibe into the work week by incorporating these three tricks into your daily routine:

1. Stand up for yourself (literally!)

Lately, it’s been said that that sitting is the new smoking. Don’t believe it? Google it! Even if you’re physically active outside of work, you could still be leading a sedentary lifestyle if you spend all (or most) of your work day sitting. So, what’s a working person to do? Luckily, with a little ingenuity, it’s easy to break the sitting cycle. Check out these creative ways to add activity to your work day. Some you’ve probably heard before, but others (calf-raises while photocopying) may surprise you.

2. Increase productivity by slowing down

Whether you’re rushing between meetings or juggling 20 different tasks, your first impulse when you fall behind at work is probably to buckle down and plow through. No lunch for you, right? Not so fast! Contrary to what you may think, when you need to make up time on a busy day, you shouldn’t hurry up…you should slow down. According to Psychology Today, taking brief mental breaks during the day is good for you and your work. One idea: Nature rejuvenates…take a quick walk outside.

3. Remember to stretch

Ever look up during the day and realize you’ve been working for hours? Your back hurts, your shoulders are slumped, and your afternoon caffeine buzz is gone. Scheduling time to stretch can make a real difference in your day. With these easy-to-master yoga poses, you can shake off that stiff neck without leaving your desk. Think of it like an important meeting and block a little bit of time every hour or so just for you. It’s a small thing, but your body will thank you!

Bonus: There are plenty of jobs where sitting too much isn’t a problem. However, even if you’re on your feet and active all day, it’s still a good idea to give yourself time to recharge your mind. These mindfulness exercises can help you refresh and refocus…and they only take a minute!

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