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January 09, 2015

Alleged victims testify at Tollefson trial

Eagles' CFO Gumienny among those to take the stand

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Former sportscaster Don Tollefson is defending himself in court against fraud charges.

Several witnesses took the stand in Bucks County Court on Thursday to testify in the criminal trial of former Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson, according to The Times Herald. 

Among those testifying was Philadelphia Eagles' chief financial officer Frank Gumienny, according to The Intelligencer.

While Tollefson, 62, claimed in court to have worked for the team, Gumienny said he never officially worked for the Eagles, but rather as an "independent contractor".  

Gumienny presented the court with a letter from October 2013, addressed to Tollefson and signed by Don Smolenski, the organization's president.

According to The Intelligencer story, the letter read:

It has come to my attention that you have been distributing flyers with the logo and trademark of the Philadelphia Eagles, LLC for the purpose of selling ‘Eagles Road Trips’ and other trip packages for members of the public to attend Eagles football games. This misrepresentation has provided the perception that your trip packages are sponsored by the Eagles and that you yourself are affiliated with the Eagles.

Tollefson is accused of tricking sports fans and charitable donors into purchasing more than $340,000 worth of fraudulent sports travel packages.  

Several other witnesses were called to testify to losing money in Tollefson's alleged fraudulent schemes. Many of the accounts mirrored each other, with alleged victims saying they had wanted to help a good cause, but never received what they purchased.

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