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January 05, 2017

America's Test Kitchen is coming to Independence Mall

WHYY will host several America's Test Kitchen chefs as they share clever tips and tricks of the trade

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In January 2017, America’s Test Kitchen will launch its 17th season with Hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison. Bridget and Julia have been fixtures on the show from the very beginning, sharing their cooking skills and deep knowledge of food with viewers over the hundreds of recipes they’ve prepared on air as test cooks.

When it comes to cooking by recipe, there are two schools of thought. First, there are those that follow blindly, happily measuring, stirring and sautéing, in hopes that their meatloaf, pound cake, Jell-O mold, etc. will turn out as picture-perfect as the photo accompanying said recipe. Then, there are the inquisitive cooks – the ones who are not content to simply follow a set of directions. They’re the ones who thrive on process and information. These are the cooks for whom America’s Test Kitchen was made. 

Entering its 17th season, this long-running PBS Saturday afternoon staple (and its sister magazines, Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country) painstakingly test, retest and eventually perfect classic American recipes with a level of intensity that’s downright scientific. 

This coming Wednesday, Jan. 11, ATK hosts Julia Collin Davidson and Bridget Lancaster are heading to the WHYY studios on Independence Mall for an evening that’s all about mastering the art of home cooking through kitchen hacks and gadgets. Look out for indispensable intel like how to grind massive amounts of black pepper and a method for recorking bottles of wine with a citrus grater. 

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Find it all out when WHYY hosts a lively and enlightening evening of culinary fun welcoming ATK to one of Philly’s oldest neighborhoods. Tickets can be purchased here.