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December 08, 2023

Andrea Bocelli to reschedule Philly concert due to health concerns

The Italian opera singer told fans moments before Thursday night's show at the Wells Fargo Center that he would be unable to perform

Andrea Bocelli took the stage at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday to deliver some disappointing news to fans — the show would not be going on that night.

The Italian tenor and his wife, Veronica Berti, told the crowd that he could not sing, based on the advice of his medical team. They promised to reschedule the concert and his Wednesday show in Boston, which also was postponed due to health concerns. New dates have not yet been announced.

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"The voice is a gift that I have received, it is an instrument that has been entrusted to me: I have always considered it my precise duty — and an honor, and a grace — to be able to share it with those who want to listen to it," Bocelli said in a statement posted to his Facebook page. "For this reason, as long as I am given the strength, I will continue to travel and sing. For this reason, especially on tour, I preserve it with the rigor of an athlete.

"It happens that an unexpected problem forces you to stop. It rarely happens, and in thirty years of militant concert playing I can count them on one hand, and yet, this time, it happened and I had to accept it. I am truly sorry, first of all for each of those who have once again granted me their kindness, investing time and money to listen to me."

Bocelli did offer his Philadelphia fans a brief performance, accompanying his daughter Virginia on piano as she sang with the orchestra and other featured singers.

Attendees expressed a mixture of disappointment and concern on social media. Some chided Bocelli for not postponing earlier, complaining of sunken parking and hotel costs, while others simply wished him a speedy recovery. 

Bocelli still has six U.S. tour dates remaining in December, including a Saturday concert in Hartford, Connecticut. As of Friday morning, he has not postponed those shows.

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