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June 10, 2015

Apple debuts Philly public transportation app

The app includes real-time information for trains, buses and subways in the city

Apple is making it easier to take public transportation in Philadelphia.

On Thursday, Apple unveiled its latest software version, iOS 9, which includes something special for Philly: a real-time public transportation information app.

Some highlights include:

• Real-time arrival and departure times for buses, subway and train lines.
• Step-by-step directions to the closest stop or station depending on your current location.
• The ability for Siri to recite directions.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the city was among six U.S. municipalities to get the enhanced version of iOS, with the Transit app.

It’s basically “Apple Maps but for public transportation,” Philadelphia Magazine said in an article announcing the feature. 

Other U.S. launch cities for transit information in Apple Maps include Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, District of Columbia and the San Francisco Bay area.