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March 06, 2018

Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z starting a joint tour in Philly, or what?

The much-speculated musical event will probably start at Lincoln Financial Field

Why do Jay-Z and Beyoncé love to torture us?

People are still recovering from last year when Jay-Z didn’t add a Philadelphia stop to his tour for "4:44," then added one, then deleted it, then added it again.

Now Beyoncé is up to the same tricks, momentarily posting a summer concert date at Lincoln Financial Field on her Facebook page that finally confirmed a joint tour with her and her husband this year.

And, like a ghost, now it’s gone.

Some social media users secured a screenshot of the Facebook event, which was scheduled for Monday, July 30, and titled the “On the Run 2” tour – named after the couple's last tour together in 2014.

At the same time the event was shared Monday morning, Beyonce’s Ticketmaster page was updated with the full list of dates. Those, like the Facebook post, also are now gone.

Hopefully, the teaser posts will soon be confirmed and were just decoys to get people amped (which, by the way, is working).

If you’re desperate to confirm a real Beyoncé tour date and got some disposable income laying around, the artist has been confirmed to headline Coachella. Passes for the festival are available here and start at $429.