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November 19, 2021

Become a business partner of DAKO — the leading European door and windows producer

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Are you searching for a reliable partner to deliver your clients high-quality joinery stocks? DAKO will not only provide you with the products, but also support you in the area of marketing. Check what we can offer you as our business partner.

European joinery is a strong brand worldwide. A wide variety of wood, and advanced techniques make Europe a global leader in woodwork. In order to meet strong demand for high-quality joinery supply outside the Old Continent, DAKO has decided to expand its business activity to the world market.

In our brand philosophy, we put a strong emphasis on building a well-established network of business partners. So far, it consists of over 600 international partners worldwide. What can you expect in the case of joining this network? Our offer consists of both products, and services. By taking advantage of them, you can build a stronger relationship with your clients seeking the highest-quality wood products.

DAKO is a door, garage door and window distributor with an international coverage. We offer different types of doors (garage, patio, front), windows, window blinds, and external roller shutters, as well as smart home management systems. The complexity of our offer makes it possible to set up the entire house, and its diversity facilitates finding the stock fully in line with the client's preferences. Aside from woodwork, we offer durable solutions based on aluminum and PVC. Our products are suitable both for residential and commercial use.

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DAKO is a European joinery leader with over 27 years of experience in the market. For over one decade, we have been cooperating with international partners, delivering wooden, aluminum and PVC products for clients from 51 countries worldwide, including the USA and Japan. In 2021, we were titled a Top Placer in the category of Construction Materials during International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards.

Our ability to cope with the increasing demand for high-quality joinery is a result of a few factors - skilled employees, reliable material suppliers, and a technology park with an area of 33,800 m2. Its innovative facilities allow us to boost production without compromising quality.

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Modern products, traditional quality - meet DAKO most successful product lines:

• DA-SkyLine
Limited - DAKO - DA Skyline

With minimalism being the leading aesthetics in modern design, DAKO's DA-SkyLine system has become one of the brand's flag solutions. It consists of a high-end sliding door with a hidden frame. Such a construction extends the glass surface to the maximum, blurring the lines between the interior and exterior. Thus, it is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to fill the space with light and expose the views.

The panoramic glazing does not rule out efficient thermal insulation. In the case of the DA-SkyLine system, the frames are hidden in the walls, floor, and ceiling. That enables maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters of the construction.

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• DA-77 series
Limited - DAKO - DA-77

Those who pay attention to effective thermal insulation may also be interested in the DAKO DA-77 series. Creating it, we've put a strong emphasis on thermal efficiency by introducing a four-chamber profile with thermal spacers.

This project also stands out with its flexibility. The clients can choose the colors, materials, and different types of glass adjusted to their needs - including energy-saving, acoustic, and security variants.

The products meet all the norms regarding energy-saving and environmental protection. At the same time, they increase the fire safety of the building. For those searching for secure and durable solutions without compromising the aesthetics, DA-77 will be a perfect choice.

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• Harmony Line
Limited - DAKO - Harmony Line

DAKO Harmony line is another modern solution appreciated worldwide for its flexibility. Harmony is not a line of ready-made windows, doors, blinds, and garage doors but rather a system of their simultaneous design, taking into account the unique character of the particular building.

Among the solutions offered, there are five color variants. DAKO offers 11 complex pre-designed compositions made out of wood, PVC, or aluminum, but there is also a possibility of creating your own in our online configurator. The clients can select the colors, materials, and decorative elements, creating harmonized sets that meet their needs 100%.

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Every member of our business partner network can count on the product supply but also on our support. Knowing how fundamental in our sector is the updated knowledge, we offer them an opportunity to expand it and develop new skills through periodic training. They cover a broad variety of topics linked to our industry - including the product and sales-related ones.

Aside from the training package, we provide our business partners with all the necessary marketing materials, including catalogs. As a member of our sales network, you do not have to worry about the promotion. All the duties related to marketing, including the implementation of the traditional and digital campaigns, are on our side. As a partner, you have the support of DAKO's sales department guaranteed.